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PhD student

Daniel is a PhD student at the Department of Materials at Imperial College London, under the Centre of Doctoral Training in Advanced Characterization of Materials, CDT-ACM. His project focuses on investigating luminescent Thermal History Sensors for high-temperature measurement applications. Thermal History technology has been developed and patented by Sensor Coating Systems Ltd., which sponsors this research project. Daniel aims to extend the life and temperature regime of existing material systems by understanding the microstructural evolution of Thermal History Paints through multiple characterisation techniques. A second generation of Thermal History Paints will provide reliable temperature measurements in turbomachinery components, enhancing the performance of engines in the automotive, aerospace and energy sectors. Thermal History technology is a novel approach to temperature determination, which is helping to reach higher efficiency of new designs, and lower the emissions from turbomachinery worldwide.


Daniel graduated from the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), performing his Master Thesis in Materials Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (Sweden), under an Erasmus+ Exchange Program. After some time working abroad, Daniel joined the Imperial College London (UK) to research the manufacturing of luminescent Thermal History Paints, patented by Sensor Coating Systems Ltd. (SCS), where he also supports commercial activities as Product Scientist and Materials Engineer.


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