Exsolution of nanoparticles

Investigating exsolution of metal nanoparticles is an area of evolving interest. Metal nanoparticles have been found to exsolve from metal oxides under reducing conditions in the perovskite family and investigated as fuel cell anodes. Our work is directed towards probing these phenomena in double perovskites, in particular the lanthanide ruthenates, ferrates and manganites.  Surface studies of these phases will be of fundamental interest, using a combination of XPS, TEM, SIMS and LEIS to understand the mechanisms driving the process and to understand the effect of this on electrocatalytic properties. Preliminary work has included investigating the in-situ observation of Ru exsolution from ruthenate thin films. 

Project Funding: "Understanding the critical role of interfaces and surfaces in energy materials" EPSRC Platform Grant EP/R002010/1

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